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Terms and Conditions

Melissa Pienaar Image and Style Consultant (“MP”)

Terms and conditions for bookings, cancellations and refunds

  1. Bookings and payment

  1. Full upfront payment required: We will reach out to you to book a suitable date and time for your consultation or service after full payment clears in our bank account.

  2. You are required to pay all fees via Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”).

  3. Full details of our services are available on our website. By paying for your consultation or service, you confirm that you are satisfied with those details.

  4. Consultations and services are always subject to the availability of Melissa Pienaar, so please contact us to enquire about her availability before you pay for your booking.

  5. The stated prices on our website are in South African Rand and are only valid and effective in South Africa.


2. Cancellations and refunds

a) Rescheduling of booked appointments:

  • We will reschedule your appointment without charging a rescheduling fee if:

    • you give us more than 14 days’ notice prior to your booked appointment.

    • in the event of a government imposed lockdown, restriction or any act of God;

    • or you wish to reschedule within 14 days of your booked appointment for reasons of illness or extreme hardship and provide us with a medical certificate or any other proof to support your reason to reschedule that is acceptable in our sole discretion.

  • Please respect the fact that we are booked up quite far in advance, so if you reschedule within 14 days of your booked appointment and cannot provide us with acceptable proof, we will retain 100% of the fees you paid, you will not be entitled to a refund and you will have to pay the full fee again to book another appointment.

  • If we must reschedule your booking for any reason other than reasons attributable to you, we will not charge a rescheduling fee. We will refund you in full if we have to reschedule for any reason, and you prefer to cancel than to reschedule.

  • If we don’t receive all required forms and documents within 14 days prior to your booked appointment, we are entitled to cancel or reschedule the booking in our sole discretion until you send us the documents.

  • We reserve the right to reschedule virtual appointments in the event of connectivity issues or load shedding.


b) Booking cancellation by you:

• If you cancel your booking for any reason with more than 14 days’ notice before your booked appointment, we will refund you 75% of the full booking fees that you paid. We will retain 25% of the booking fees that you paid as a cancellation fee.

• If you cancel your booking within 14 days of your booked appointment, you will not be entitled to a refund and we will retain 100% of the fees you paid as a cancellation fee.


c) Booking cancellation by us:

  • We reserve the right to cancel your booking and refund your fees partially or completely for any reason that we deem fit, including but not limited to:

    • reasons outside of our control, for example government imposed lockdowns or restrictions or any acts of God;

    • if, on any of our websites, we suspect that you have, or have tried to abuse the website; intercept data; commit fraud; hack into our systems; or create multiple user profiles to take advantage of a promotion or other offer intended by us to be used once-off by you. We will also be entitled to blacklist you on our database, delete your profile and suspend or terminate your access to our websites (in which case we accept no liability which may arise);

    • if you have infringed our intellectual property rights (including copyright and trademarks) in any way;

    • if you have not provided us with accurate information or have not adhered to these terms; and

    • if there has been an error. Errors include system errors, offers no longer being available, incorrect price, quantity or description of services or offers. We will not be bound by errors and we will inform you of such errors as soon as we become aware of them. We will not be liable for any loss or claim relating to a cancelled order or refusal to process an order. We are not bound by any incorrect information provided by our suppliers or third-party providers.


3. General information and what to expect

  1. In-person consultations and meetings:

    • Please do not bring anyone to your in-person consultations and meetings, unless you are younger than 18 years and you wish to be accompanied by one parent or guardian. We regret no pets are allowed either.

    • Please dress in comfortable clothes (gym wear is ideal for a style analysis & a white top or neutral colour top for a colour analysis).

    • Please do not wear any make-up.


b) Virtual consultations and meetings:

• Please ensure that you are in a quiet, well-lit room.

• Please ensure that we will not be interrupted by children or anything/anyone else. Please note that we will strictly keep to the booked appointment slot and no extra time or extension will be granted if we are interrupted during the meeting.

• Please do not wear any make-up for a colour consultation.

• Please try wear a neutral / white top for a colour a consultation.

Wearing comfortable clothes (gym wear is ideal) for a style or wardrobe consultation is preferred.


c) You will receive your colour analysis / style analysis feedback within 7-14 days of your appointment.


4. Acceptance of service enrolment

By paying the fees and booking an appointment, you agree and warrant that:

a) you are 18 years or older.

b) if you wish to enrol a child that is younger than 18 years (“the minor”) in our services, you warrant that you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor, agree to these terms on behalf of the minor and agree that the course is suitable for the minor.

c) you will provide us with a valid email address and contact number which is unique to you and will maintain these contact details.

d) you will participate in the assessment with authenticity and honesty.

e) you have read, understood and agree to our Website and Apps Terms of Use and Privacy Statement; and

f) you have provided us with information that is true and correct and understanding that, if you fail to do so, we reserve the right to cancel any agreement with you.


5. We are entitled to amend these terms and conditions, at our sole discretion, from time to time, without notice to you.

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