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Hello, I'm Mel...

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I don’t believe in changing someone but rather aiding & equipping one to discover their Unique True Self, Love it and Thrive in it [And perhaps with a dash of mascara and a good laugh].

I am actually a small town, farm girl enjoying the Winelands of South Africa as a Wife, Mom, Sister and Friend.


I have been on several journey’s in my life that have sculpted and moulded me into being the vibrant & vivacious person that I am.


I am now a retired semi-professional Athlete, who experienced a career-ending injury before embarking on a dream job as a Biokineticist to Professional & University level athletes.


My heart everyday was to help Athlete’s return to a path of success despite the injury they were faced with.



It wasn’t until I qualified as an Image Consultant & Stylist and started to help others think differently about themselves and the way they dress, that I realised my true calling.


Combining the two professions was the game changer!


As a Biokineticist, through the modality of exercise, we improve the Physical being. Image Consulting, discovers the best colours and styles of clothes to flatter that physical being, whilst incorporating your uniqueness, your personality and the stage of life you are in.


Who can benefit?

The Housewife,

The Retired,

The New Mom,

The Business Man,

The Farm Girl or Tannie van die Plaas,

The City Slicker,

The Braai King,

The Sporty Spice,

The 1st Year Student,

The 1st Time Working Class

The Professional

The Holiday Maker...




Perhaps your journey has come to a cross-road and you are not sure where to from here. Request #StyledByMel to add some sugar and spice to your journey, where you can start enjoying being You and having your very own “personal image stylist”.

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